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Student Admissions

Academic Requirements

We are a Christian based school so we introduce Biblical learning in many areas. We do require that our families accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior regardless of what religious title they prefer. (Note: We are a Bible Based Program). 

The application process and criteria for admission for is the same as the traditional application process to standard private school format. There is a one-time Application Registration Fee of $75-$100 (depending on pre-register or regular registration) per student that will go towards first tuition and one time Matriculation Registration fee of $300 per student setup fee. 

Application process requires your child to take an "on-level" grade education by current state standard testing before a child can be accepted.

Please note: All registration fees are non-refundable.

Enrollment Process


Outlined below is the process for enrollment in our private Christian school:

Enrollment Procedure:
1.     Prospective parents should call or email admissions@immanuelprep.com to request an application and set up an interview with the administration. Students in 7th through 12th grades must attend an interview. All meetings are virtual.

2.     Following the interview, parents should submit the Application for Admission, along with a copy of the birth certificate, immunization record, and the application fee.

3.     Upon acceptance, placement tests will be administered to determine the student’s ability, achievement levels, and readiness level of student.

4.     The tuition for the first month will be due to secure the student’s place in the virtual classroom. The first tuition payment is due on or before August 1st of the year.

Financial Summary:

  • Discounts in tuition are available for families with more than one child in our school.

  • Financial aid applications and grants are available to those that apply and are in need (based on financial availability).

  • In addition to the initial fees, there are possible small fees for virtual/physical field trips when deemed safe.

  • Immanuel Preparatory offers the privilege of monthly and quartly payments as a convenience to our families. Tuition is marked across a 10 month plan. Additional discounts are available if following year is paid in full  before June 15th. 

Tuition & Cost

2020 - 2021 TUITION

Tuition and Fees

Book Fees vary based on grade level and proficiency and can be purchased within the bookstore online with our MBS Direct Partner (subsidiary of Barnes and Nobles).

Immanuel Preparatory is an online based program and due to the concentration of the program, the school uses their own computers (property of Immanuel Preparatory). Per initial agreement, if student decides to leave or withdraw school, all technical devices purchased are required to be returned to Immanuel Preparatory upon immediate final decision to withdraw.

All Monthly tuition is based on 10 month payments.

Tuition will depend on academic requirements. (selfpaced with teacher assistance available)

Annual Tuition: 

Selfpaced Program:

Pre-K - starting at $400

K-3rd - starting at $450

4th-5th - starting at $500 

6th-8th - starting at 625

9th-12th - starting at $675

Accellus Curriculum Selfpaced annual price is paid upfront. (Example: 9th-12th $675 paid =($67.50x10 months)

This will cover the full tuition and will have a teacher assistance available. 

Monthly Tuition:

4th-12th Standard Program

This program provides:

  • A weekly live class session

  • Live sessions scheduled to accommodate different time zones

  • Firm, weekly assignment due dates

  • A cohort of students taking the same course at the same time

  • Courses for every core high school subject, plus some electives

  • Opportunity to email, instant message, or hold a live meeting with your teacher throughout the week and

     will have all courses provided in standard christian 

4th-5th - starting at $700 

6th-8th - starting at 750

9th-12th - starting at $775

Pre-K-12th Bilingual Immersion

Pre-K - starting at $500

K-3rd - starting at $700

4th-5th - starting at $800 

6th-8th - starting at 825

9th-12th - starting at $950

(Student Diploma's are internationally accredited with our affiliate's partnerships through ACSI)​

*Monthly prices listed are based on a 10-month school year and do not include our available discounts. Tuition and fees may vary. Policies, procedures, and book rates may change per affiliate rates. 

  • Application/Registration & Diagnostic Fees – $75 per student before March 31st (non-refundable)

  • Late Registration fee is $100 (non-refundable) if April 1st and after.

  • Withdrawal Fee – A fee of $250 (per student) & will be charged for the processing of official or administrative withdrawal from Immanuel Preparatory . (Applied at the time a student withdraws from IP and is nonrefundable)

IP Withdrawal Policy

The Immanuel Preparatory withdrawal types are listed below:

  • Official- withdrawal due to not being able to complete the year for any reason.


  • Administrative– withdrawal for any valid reason initiated by the Preparatory. An authorized university administrator must then approve this form of withdrawal.


  • Medical- withdrawal from courses for medical reasons. The student must provide documentation from a licensed physician to gain approval.

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