Kids in Preschool

Little Majestics Immersion Pre-K Program

The Little Majestics Pre-K classes are designed to bridge the gap between preschool and kindergarten while beginning years of immersion in Christ. To add to this wonderful aspect, the children are immerse with the introduction to Spanish curriculum and be well on their way to a diverse word of becoming not only bilingual, but also biliterate. A carefully planned curriculum provides an enriched learning experience to enhance the child’s age-appropriate development.  Our degreed and certified teachers guide the children through a theme-based curriculum that includes four basic skills: Verbal and Linguistics, Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Logic  and Mathematics, and Social and Interpersonal Relationships.  Bible, art, music, PE, computer, and Spanish complement and enhance this curriculum.  Technology is incorporated in the virtual classroom and teachers use a variety of assessments and individualized instructional strategies to support the learning styles of each child.  Our goal is to foster the individual growth of each child spiritually, socially, academically, and physically.

The program develops verbal, written, and cognitive skills in both languages.  Students are introduced to letters and sounds, understanding opposites, rhyming skills, and building vocabulary through story-telling, dramatic play, and activities.

Students are taught the use of scissors, holding pencils or crayons properly, writing first and last names, moving, jumping, and singing.

The children are challenged to count to 100, recognize and write numbers 0-20, sort, classify, match, make patterns, name and draw shapes, position words, size comparisons, measure with non-standard units of measure, sequence, recognize colors, and utilize calendar skills.

Listening skills, taking turns, following directions, task completion, and solving problems with words are skills the teacher will focus upon.  Children will learn about God’s love and how to be accepted by others for their individuality.

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Immanuel Prep Pre-K Curriculum

Immersion Enhanced

Language Arts

Basic Sight Words in Spanish/English

Alphabet Writing in Spanish/English

Punctuations/Capital Letters

Introduction to Making CVC Words

Phonics sounds in both Spanish/English

Introduction to Kindergarten

level vocabulary usage teaching words

and what they mean.

Discussing Rhyming and Rhyming words

Days of the week, Months of the year

and seasons are daily core curriculum.

Channies Dry Erase


Add/Subtract 1-10

Pattern Sense

Ordinal Numbers

Number and Quantity Connect

Reconizing Geometric Shapes

Objects and Measurements

Sizes big and small

Count to 100

Count 5's and 10's





Shape, texture, size, color and motion

sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound


Social Studies

Charicteristics of globe

What state do you live?

What is honesty?

What is self control?

What is courtesy?

What is loyalty?

What is pride?

How many stars on the flag?

What is our country called?

What is a city?

What is a capital?

What is the state capital where you live?


Bible time and prayer is a very important

time of our kindergarten day.

The Bible program has colorful

visuals that help tell the stories of the Old

and New Testaments. Students are

encouraged to apply the moral lessons of

the story to their lives at their grade level.

Each week a Bible verse is memorized.

Hebrew is taught starting with Hebrew letters.

and is encouraged to be taught in

in the immersion language in the classroom

for all grades at Immanuel Prep.


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