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Experience the difference in your child's excitement to learn while possibly becoming bilingual and bi-literate in a Christian academic environment!

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President & CEO of Immanuel Preparatory talks about the reason Immanuel Preparatory was created. 


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About Immanuel Preparatory

Our Background

Founded on a strong belief in accessible education, Immanuel Preparatory is proud to bring academia to all corners virtually of these United States through our online program. Each year our student community will grow and strengthen, and our alumni graduates will virtue as passionate and curious learners into adulthood.

Why Immersion Works?

Research has showed that students that have the ability to communicate in multilanguage had 5x the ability to score higher on test than those without a secondary language due to flexation of the brain cells. Just like the body, the brain functions in a way it allows information to communicate and work out complex changes to allow the muscles to perform at it's finest. 

Our program is built to encourage non-fluent and fluent speakers of both languages (English and Spanish) to use these muscles during class and lecture time. 

"The immersion approach first gained traction in North America because educators believed in its potential to wager that making the second language the sole medium for teaching core subject content, instead of teaching the second language separately, would result in more students reaching higher levels of proficiency. These early immersion programs started by committing one-half or more of the school day for teachers and students to work only in the second language."



How Our Program Works

Our institution provides live language immersion learning for students across the country. Currently, we are offering Spanish as the bilingual language for core course time and basic Hebrew learning during biblical time. We cater to passionate children bringing Christianity and diversity into their lives, yet still prioritize receiving a high-value education. Due to our enhanced diversity, those enrolled at Immanuel Preparatory get the opportunity to progress through courses with standards well beyond public school peers in everyday life.

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Immanuel Preparatory, an immersion school, and bilingual program are supportive of the research and development of bilingualism prevention research for Alzheimer's, Dementia, and other memory diseases. Our commitment is to help not only this movement but to your kids find the foundations to be successful in their educational experiences. You can also play a part by enrolling them for success and continue to slow the process of these diseases with bilingualism based on clinical research. Enroll your child today!



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