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Middle School 6-8

Middle School Academics and Curriculum IP is a researched based and Christian faith school. The outstanding faculty and staff at IICP are exceptional both professionally and personally. In addition, our approach to curriculum is particularly excellent. Middle School Immersion program uses a combination Christian program Lifepac and advanced resources in the curriculum to enhance vocabulary in all languages. The Middle School Bible curriculum is currently a combination of Purposeful Design and a curriculum that was developed by IP’s MS Bible Department Head. The 7th and 8th grade are required to take Spanish I and II rather than the standard Middle School Spanish due to immersion experience. Excellent computer integration helps prepare our students academically.


Middle 6-8

The following information does not contain any Electives, Gifted Programs, or any optional Foreign language courses that your student will choose to add to their schedule. Please note there are words below abbreviated to make room strickly for the space of the webpage data. Some classes are not listed due to high volume course listing. Please email registrar@immanuelprep.com to find out the status of a specific course you are looking to take.

6th Grade Language Arts

Shurley E, Worldly Wise, Spelling

parts of Speech


Identify syllable intonation,

accent marks, diphthongs,

triphthongs, prefixes, suffixes


Identify literary elements of

a story including main idea /details,

compare /contrast, cause/effect,

author's purpose, fact /opinion,

summary, setting, character, plot,

problem/ solution, theme,

chronology, 1st/ 3rd person

Read/discuss genres including

poetry, realistic/ fantasy fiction,

drama, non-fiction + 4 novel



Write explanatory/ informational

essays that include facts, details,

formatting, concluding

statements; opinion pieces that

include organizational structure

of logically ordered reasons,

concluding statements; narratives

to include real and imagined

events include dialogue,

character actions, sensory details,

and conclusion

Shurley/sentence structure focus


Identify nouns, pronouns,

adjectives, adverbs, verbs,

compound words, types of

sentences, prepositions, simple/

complete subject/ predicate,

conjunctions, clauses, similes/

metaphors, understand proper

use of capitalization,

abbreviations, and punctuation

6th Grade Math

Find the place value of whole and

decimal numbers

Multi-digit whole number and

decimal/ fraction operations,

rounding, and estimation

Properties of operations, order

of operations, variables, and


Prime factorization, GCF, LCM

Extensive addition, subtraction,

multiplication, and division

operations with fractions,

decimals, and mixed numbers

Percentage and how it relates

to fractions and decimals, tips,

taxes, discounts, special


Ratios, rates, proportions, using

ratio tables and unit rates

Permutations, combinations,

theoretical and experimental


Addition/Subtraction with area

and volume, cubic units

Develop a coordinate system for

the first quadrant of the coordinate

plane and use it to solve


collecting and displaying data

geometry, pre-algebra, algebra,

life applications

6th Grade Science

Middle School Life Science

five living kingdoms

the scientific method

relation to the world

be able to recognize the living kingdoms

by sight

6th Grade Social Studies

Heritage Studies Middle School focus

cultures, ancient, medieval worlds

the early river valley civilizations that

first developed after the Flood in the

Middle East, Egypt, India, and China.

Also in the first semester is a study of the

the nation of Israel from Abraham until just after

the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the spring, the students learn about

the later ancient period through units on

classical Greece and Rome.

6th Grade Bible

overview of the new testament

in-depth and applying to daily life

understanding of principle and life decisions

memorize one verse that corresponds

with the theme for the week each week

Hebrew is taught and is encouraged to be

used in the immersion curriculum in the

classroom for all grades at Immanuel Prep

7th Grade Language Arts

Shurley English, Worldly Wise

English 7 covers a wide variety

of new and review areas including

vocabulary, grammar concepts

in-depth literature and novel

studies poetry, and creative writing

Emphasis is made on structuring

sentences and paragraphs for book

reports, paragraphs, summary

and essays in both immerse

Grammar starts with a review of

punctuation and capitalization

rules and progresses to a unit

study of each part of speech

The knowledge of the parts of

speech is incorporated w/ sentence

structure for greater variation

and interest in writing.

7th Grade Math

Students are introduced

to basic principles of algebra

including integers, expressions,

solving equations, and graphing

linear equations. 

The course is a survey intended

to give students exposure

to core algebraic concepts and

develop abstract thinking skills.

7th Grade Science

Earth Science -This course involves the

study of the celestial sphere, the atmos

here and the hydrosphere. Course

components include space exploration

weather forecasting, geology, and an

examination of water and how it makes

the Earth distinctive. Students explore

the uniqueness of God’s creation

and their responsibility to all aspects of

their world.

7th Grade Social Studies

World Studies Students are guided

through an overview of the world

cultural studies from The Renaissance to

the present Young people are challenged

to think about the validity of Christianity

in light of world thoughts and religion. 

The emphasis on geography

that began during the sixth grade

the year will be expanded.

independent projects are integral 

components. An emphasis is placed

on building critical thinking skills taught

in 6th grade.

7th Grade Bible

This Old Testament course involves

a look at the origin and

development of the Messianic hope

hope in the redemption of mankind.

Focus on personal Bible study continues

throughout the course, and students engage

in discussions of applying God's principles.

During each quarter the students memorize

one verse each week that corresponds w/

the theme of that week.

Hebrew is taught and is encouraged to be

used in the immersion curriculum in the

classroom for all grades at Immanuel Prep

8th Grade Language Arts

Shurley E, Worldly Wise, Spelling

This curriculum covers a wide

spectrum, including the following:

vocabulary in both languages

reading comprehension, grammar

literature, poetry, creative writing

in both languages. In-depth novel

studies, literature notebooks, and

research papers for the curriculum.

Reasoning and critical thinking

are incorporated into the writing

and literature studies. Grammar

ranges from a review of capitalization

and punctuation the use of verbal

phrases and clauses in a sentence


8th Grade Math

Students develop a solid

foundation in basic algebra

skils, including expressions

equations, polynomials, linear

equations, radicals, quadratic

equations. Students who

complete this course successfully

are prepared to advance to


8th Grade Science

Middle School Physics is an intro course

to the study of physics, which is the

science of matter and energy and their

interactions. This course will engage

the students on a level that they understand

and enjoy through the use of hands

on activities and labs. Some topics will

include motion, work, and machines,

sound, flight, magnetism, and electricity.

8th  Grade Social Studies

American Republic- Students are

challenged to think about the men, women

and ideas that helped to shape our country

The history of the nation is presented

chronologically while exploring its

foundations and characteristics from

a biblical perspective. Critical reading

and thinking skills are more fully

developed and reinforced through this

comprehensive survey as young people

delve into ideas and philosophies.

8th Grade Bible

Historical Theology- The New Testament

the course takes a look at the life of Jesus

Christ, the early church and its progress

throughout the centuries. As a complement

to this study, time is given to compare and

contrast Christ's teachings with another world

religions and modern Christian cults. During

During each quarter the students memorize

one verse each week that corresponds with

the theme of that week and establish unity of

the correlation that there is a scripture for every

the situation in their daily lives.

Hebrew is taught and is encouraged to be

used in the immersion curriculum in the

classroom for all grades at Immanuel Prep


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